Am I really a poet??

Or am I just me…


My Empire





From dusk to dawn
You excite me with the essence of your being
The words that trickle from your mouth astound me
Your magical aura portrays perfection to the highest form

Walk with me
Into my empire
Let me show you the vast beauty of this kingdom

For birds sing lullabies that devour your soul
Melting your heart with the elegance of a swan
That steadily glides her flawlessness across the lake of tranquillity

Flowers of grace grow in cosmic splendour
Allowing you to smell the smell of aspiration
Drawing you further into my truth
I ask you once again
Will you walk with me into my kingdom?

Look into my eyes my love

I know you want me
You're just afraid
I offer you magical delights
Enchanted dreams
That only those who relish can understand

I want you to taste my beauty
Revealing the golden egg inside me
Thus erasing your wickedness
I will grant you eternal life
Carrying you forward with purity
Your heart will melt into mine

Look into my eyes my love; they hold your burning flame
My desires are for you my sweet
Do not be afraid

Your Queen

Down on your knees you pray to me
Asking for fulfilment
You plead for me to have mercy on your soul
To stop your screams from within

For I know you cannot breathe without me
I am your key to salvation
You feast from my flesh
Drinking my juices
Crave my spirit

I hold your life in my hands
Down on your knees you pray to me
Asking for fulfilment
I open my thighs, reach out my hands
I grant your satisfaction

In turn

I feast, tasting your eternal ecstasy

Kneel before me and I shall....

I satisfy your desired wishes
Giving life to your hidden cravings

I bring sanity to your fantasies
Making sense of your forsaken life

I give you reality
When all around you offer you broken promises

Come to me my darling
Let me take hold of you
Wrapping you with the warmth of my heart
Cradling you in the lust of your appetite

I want you to feel what it is like to fulfil your needs
Giving justice to your darkened screams
Letting temptation take a grasp of you

I ask you to kneel before me
To close your eyes
And tell me your deepest yearnings
I want you to tease me with your naivety
Bringing life once again to my lust driven world

Pray to me my love
I offer you the sanctuary of my haven
And give you the credit for my thirst
Kneel before me
And I shall be yours

Salvation of your thirst

You told me you were thirsty
Needed to satisfy your eternal flame
You ordered me out into a world where I was unseen

Your lips wet with desire
Is the motivation of my salvation
I roam the earth looking for the perfection to feed your thirst
Craving the taste of your wetness

My eyes blinded by your desires
I hold my sword high
And I kill for you my love
Catching the blood of purity
I cradle it

And whilst I run home to you my darling
My orgasmic yearns grow stronger

Let me catch the fallen juices, lick the thirst from your lips
I want to feel your satisfaction
I want to moan with the fulfilment you feel

I want to be one with you

Take me master for I am yours

The calling

Can you hear me calling you?

My soft whispers needing you
Needing to feel your touch, your scent, your exhaled breath

The flow of my hair creates a whirlwind of tranquillity
One of which only time matures

My lips
With pure passion
As though they have been pricked by a thorn
And the blood colouring my very soul
Causing a rage inside me to burn with flames of desire

I close my eyes
And I softly say your name

Can you hear me calling you?

Fragment of a mirror

You kill me with your words
Enclosing me in the safety of your arms
You become my obsession

Pilfering my love
You hack away at me piece by piece
Forcing me to my knee's
Cradling my soul
I offer you my life

For you have gone
Leaving me without an obsession
Looking hopelessly into an empty world

You have completed your work
Satisfied your hunger
Moving onto your next victim of desire
You blanket the past
Opening up new visions of life
Creating scope for me to find
The Real Me

Your Angel of Calling

You pray for my presence
Holding me in your dreams
You feel my radiance
Penetrated through beauty

I offer you my guidance
Stolen by wings
I show you direction
Pilfering eternal gratitude

For I am the soul of what once was here
My array of visions called upon by you
I am your protector
I will embrace your essence
Creating a natural glow, maintaining your splendour

So small am I yet power my touch
I feel your breath being numbed by the world
Your tears absorbed by golden snowflakes
Don't worry my love
I am here now.

Look inside me

With a single drop
You capture my essence
Entrapping my soul into a life of nothing

With a single drop
You halt the world
Penetrating a hole into my creation

With a single drop
You withdraw the colour from before my eyes
Opening up a new life to my vision

With a single drop
You take my breath
You feel my flesh
You feed my thirst

With a single drop
You crush me